Government Benefits Specialists, LLC

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The Veterans Improved Pension Benefit Is Substantial!

Get Up to $2,120 per Month – TAX-FREE!

Government Benefits Specialists, LLC is a public information company in St. Petersburg, FL. One of the most misunderstood benefits is the Improved Pension with Aid and Attendance Benefit. With most applicants pouring much of their time in the application process, with zero effect, we are here to help.

Our difference is that we have already done the hard work, in terms of research and experience to expedite your applications and minimize denials or delays.

The Three- Key Eligibility Requirements

The first step to applying for the Improved Pension Benefit is determining qualification. Do the following statements describe you?

  • 90 Days of Continuous, Active Duty Military Service, One of Which Was During Wartime
  • Any Discharge Other Than a Dishonorable Discharge
  • Disabled or at Least Age 65