Government Benefits Specialists, LLC

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Why Choose Us?

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Government Benefits Specialists, LLC has been 99% successful in getting the VA benefit for over l-000 wartime veterans and their surviving spouses at numerous facilities in the area. We have worked closely with the Directors and Community Sales Directors to make sure that each wartime veteran and their widows gets the proper service in order to qualify for the benefit.

Our total number of approved benefits is over 15 Million in annual benefits during the past 8 years for the Central Florida area. The reason for our success is based upon our ability to qualify applicants and making sure that we have the correct documentation before we submit an application to the VA ensuring our success in getting them approved through the VA.

90% of our applicants get approved in 6 months or less and in cases longer than 6 months, we get a local Congressman involved in the process.

Our affiliation with a group of elder law attorneys is another reason that helps us expedite cases. lf we need to do any planning for applicants, we meet personally with clients at the facility, conducts conference calls with family members outside the state of Florida, and if the family chooses to work with us, we finalize all documents with them at the facility.

What differentiates us from other services is our commitment to all veterans and their widows regardless of financial status. Except for the preparation of the legal documents, all the other services are free.

Our Services Include the Following

  • Assistance with Gathering Paperwork
  • Checklist of Documents Required for Filing
  • Checking Doctor Forms for Correctness
  • Instruction in How to Obtain Missing Documents
  • Filling Out Documents Required for Approval
  • Filing Documents with the VA
  • Responding to All Requests from the VA for Further Documentation (The Attorney is Notified in All Cases) Follow up Phone Calls to Clients to Verify Approval after 5 months
  • Coaching on Calling the VA to Find Out Status of Claim
  • Working with Facility on Hardship Cases to Get Congressional Involvement
  • Attorney Makes Phone Call after 6 Months to VA to Locate Status After the Approval
  • lf Incompetency is Declared, We Walk the Family Member Through the Process of Establishing the Fiduciary

There is no charge for these services to the facility, the veteran or widow or the family member.